21 Nov 2017


Once a year the Belgian TV channel RTL does a "Televie" which is a solidarity action that began more than 29 years ago. Today, thousands of volunteers give their time and energy to this event some of them have supported it since its creation.

Télévie is raising funds for research in the fight against leukemia and cancer for children and adults.

The Televie is always a big show where lots of TV stars and other celebrities participate.

In 2016, the € 10,141,650 (11,961,705.21) collected, enabled Télévie to finance 105 research projects. Among them, 111 researchers work with a common goal :to fight the disease and win at the end.

In 29 editions, the program raised 173,568,482 euros (204,770,428.26 USD) which is not bad for such a small country with only 11.3 million inhabitants and if you consider that only the French speaking part of Belgium is involved.

I had never attended a Televie but this year to my surprise it took place in Waterloo and concerned Tennis. I am not very much interested in Tennis, but this was a special opportunity to see my evening's screen companions life.  300 official guests were invited for lunch and then the tennis plays began between the celebrities (a few from the Tennis too) the broadcasters, animators, series inventors, etc, they were all there. The only trouble for me was, I recognized only 3 ! They looked so different in reality ! Or too big or too small and not very handsome looking either !! My friends Nicole and Myriam had to tell me who was who !!

It was the perfect weather to stay inside.

The Waterloo Tennis Club, where Mr. G. also uses to play his Whist 3 times a week, received the guests.

They greeted each other and prepared for the tennis game. Our mayor was already busy to play.
The guy with the grey vest and green color, is the reponsible for the program with the royals. All about our royal family and the other once in Europe. He was one of the guys I recogized.

An in Belgium and France famous singer was there too and the man in the middle was the one who did the Quiz show we both watch each evening !

he was so kind to pose with Nicole and Myriam

and with me too. Although I hadn't met him in real life it was as if we knew each other !

The bar keepers were very busy and there were always the same people I saw there. The man above in grey is a famous actor I was told, only I didn't know him.

The self made cakes looked delicious

Under a tent everything for music was set up and one Rap singer prepared himself to start. There were also a lot of games for the kids, which were put apart later to make space for those who wanted to dance later.

It seems that our mayor has also fun !

People are waiting for the tombola and companies gave cheques in sometimes quite high amounts.

and there was also a magician who did some tricks with us, I had one red ball in my hand and suddenly they were four !

We had a very nice afternoon.

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20 Nov 2017


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My 2 year old Hibiscus plant decided to bloom suddenly ! I hadn't thrown it away because it looked

so healthy and I thought maybe one day it will  bloom again and it did ! Rosie didn't even admire it.
There are a few other blossoms so if they don't fall before I will have 2 or 3 other once. Above is the flower.

Our city had organized a theater play for the seniors with a professional group. Already the title was funny, "6 in one  pyjama" A married man had invited his best friend to hide the fact that he wanted to invite his mistress and pretend that this woman was the friend's wife. What he didn't know was that his own wife was the mistress of his friend. You can imagine what a mess !

Still in a very good mood we went in an Italian restaurant and had Spaghetti as you can see we had a lot of fun and stayed there for 3 h !!

The next day our neighbor came with a huge black guy to dig the hole to find the box with the cable connections. It was hard work although the hole was not so  big, but there were many roots in the ground and he to cut them with an axe first.

I did my paparazzi picture, I didn't want to take a picture while he was working.

and this is the result. Mr. G. put a plastic over the hole in case it would rain.  On Monday we will call the internet company and tell them that they can finish their work and take off the cable which still lays over the street.

My grandson received the card I had made for his 7th birthday

and amongst the birthday gift, he also found my card !

19 Nov 2017


You can always try !

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18 Nov 2017


1. Starts with T
2. black and white
3. paper

Kim has a long and bushy tail

I looked out of the window and saw the nature in black and white ! Even the bird has no color and I didn't set my camera on black and white. Must be my autumn mood !

This paper is the start of a new pastel painting. Besides the invisible ears and nose I didn't go far !

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I took this picture through the window. Arthur sleeping (what else) on the radiator !

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17 Nov 2017


Waterloo Lion as usual

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1. When it is so grey and humid outside I need a GPS to find the way out of my bed. But unfortunately I can't do like my cats, laying around the whole day and being served meals at time !

As usual I lost again at our scrabble game, the strangest thing is, I am the only one who has learned French as an adult and my spelling is nearly perfect, while all my friends who went to school in Belgium, have all difficulties with the spelling ! So I became a sort of dictionary. That's probably why I always loose ?! No, I think it's why the others are better in calculation and I don't calculate points, I just look for nice words instead of 8 points I then have only 1 ! But as always it was fun. This time it was Nicole who received the scrabble group.

2. I decided to make a lazy day, I just filled in our freezer but didn't do any other shopping, I returned quickly home where it was nice and warm. As my Grandson will be 7 tomorrow I made a card for him, which took me nearly the whole afternoon. I sent it per email to my son and asked him to print it, put it in an envelope and then in his letter box, because our mail service is so lousy here that only offices (and still) use the mail. My son complained that I had forgotten to also send the envelope by mail !! Does anybody know how to do that ??

and while I did this I discovered a lot of other companies doing what everybody calls now "photoshop".


This is our internet  connection since Monday. The company had promised to repair as soon as possible, but it seems to me that the responsible has once lived in Africa in the Congo which was a Belgian colony and hasn't forgotten how to repair in the bush. So we are still with our cable on the street. So far nobody has damaged it.

Today they called and said that the fault was in our garden !

The leader of the mole colony ?

I don't know how this can happen, maybe a mole colony liked cables and damaged them.  Anyway Mr. G. was asked to dig a hole 1 m long and 1 m large and 80 cm deep. Now poor Mr. G. has arthritis 1and isn't 20 anymore and I am a weak woman, so we had the big problem who could dig the hole ! We couldn't ask cat Arthur his holes are too small. Finally Mr. G. had a great idea (when I am away he gets great ideas, when I am here, he waits until I have them) anyway he suddenly remembered that our new neighbor has a building contractors company and he asked him if he didn't have somebody who could dig the hole. And of course he had and Saturday hopefully (always depends on the weather) it will be done. And then we hope the internet company can fill the hole with cables or whatever the only thing which is important is that internet works !


As usual we had a lot of pleasure while painting, especially when a classmate put her things together and it looked as if she had cleaned up a hospital ! It looked as if the glass was full of blood and the cotton too ! I wanted to start to paint Arthur, but finally a part from the ears I didn't get any further.

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15 Nov 2017


Deeply sleeping

Oh ! I am surprised

I don't want to be scratched with your back scratcher !!

Strange there are twice the same Arthur on the screen !

If you think I am scared of a few dinosaurs .....

I smell salmon ! is that possible ??


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1. What takes you out of your comfort zone?
When I have to take one of my cats to the vet ! There is first the battle to get her in the cage, then the concert during the whole trip, when I return to my comfort zone I really need to be comforted ! I am out !

2. Your least favorite spice?
A mexican mixture, we had Chili con carne for supper

3. What's a small change you'd like to make?
I don't now if it's small that depends on the person, but I would like to throw out our bathtub put in and a shower  ! I think it becomes dangerous with the years when we become more and more rusty.

4. Do you enjoy visiting historic homes? If so, of the homes you've visited which one was your favorite? What historic home near you is open to visitors? Have you been? Southern Living rounded up eleven of the best in the southern part of the US and they're as follows-

Monticello (Jefferson's home in Virginia), Nathaniel Russel House (Charleston SC), Swan House (Atlanta), Ernest Hemingway's home (Key West), The Biltmore (Vanderbilt home in Asheville NC), Mount Vernon (Washington's home in Virgina), San Francisco Plantation (Garyville, Louisiana), Windsor Ruins (Port Gibson Mississippi), Longue Vue House and Gardens (New Orleans), Whitehall (Palm Beach FL), and Pebble Hill Plantation (Thomasville GA)

Have you been to any on the list? Of the homes listed which would you most like to visit?

As I live on the old continent, we have so many historic homes dating even before America was discovered so it would be impossible to list all I have visited in and out. It's very difficult to say which one was the nicest. The last one I have seen was The Royal Palace in Brussels. I found it very beautiful. From your above listed homes I haven't seen any or I don't remember, I saw Elvis home, yes !!

5. What's something you think will be obsolete in ten years? Does that make you sad or glad?
I don't know how I will be in 10 years, and maybe with 84 my tastes have changed ? For the moment nothing makes me sad. Glad makes me new inventions which makes my life easier, like a GPS, a smartphone, or timers on machines, that way I can do my housework while I sleep. (Dishwasher for example)

6. Insert your own random thought here.
I start to think about Christmas gifts. The worst is my grandson ! He has his birthday now on Nov 17, then in Holland they celebrate more St. Niklaas on December 6, then Christmas, and then finally Christmas on the 24th ! That makes 3 gifts for one little 7 year old person !